2019-2020 Pricing

Effective May 1st, 2019
Species Shoulder Mount1/2 Life-SizeLife-Size

North American Game

Whitetail Deer$600$1500$3000
Mule Deer$600$1500$3000
Whitetail/Mule Deer Wall Pedestal$700N/AN/A
Whitetail/Mule Deer Floor Pedestal $900+ Pedestal/HabitatN/AN/A
Black Bear$700$1600$3600
Brown/Grizzly Bear$1000$4500$7000
Coyote$450 Shoulder/PedestalN/A$1200
Red/Grey Fox$450 Shouldr/PedestalN/A$1000
Bobcat$450 Shoulder/Pedestal N/A$1200
Raccoon $450 Shoulder/Pedestal N/A$1000
*Domestic Rabbits Not Accepted*
$450 Shoulder/PedestalN/A$1000
Mnt. Lion/Cougar $900$2100$4000
Squirrel N/AN/A$275
Wild Sheep:
Dall, Stone, Desert, Bighorn
Mnt. Goat$800$1800$3400
Wild Boar/Hogs$700$1600$3600
American Bison$1900N/A$15,000
American Alligator$400 Per Linear Foot Head Mount Only Display/Habitat Extra FeeN/A$400 Per Linear Foot

Exotic Game

Axis Deer$700$1600$3600
Fallow Deer$700$1600$3600
Sika Deer$900$2100$4000
Red Deer/Stag$1400N/A$10,000
Woolly Sheep/Goats$800$2100$4000
Non-Wolly Sheep/Goats$700$1800$3600
Water Buffalo$1900N/A$15,000
Black Buck$700$1600$3600


Black Bear$1500
Brown/Grizzly Bear$2500
Mnt. Lion/Cougar$1500
Rugs include closed mouth mounted head, double felt border with your choice of select colors and padded backing.

All hand sewn, with “D” rings for hanging on the wall. For all other species call for price quote on rugging. For Open Mouth Rugs Refer To Note Below.


Wild Turkey
Full Mount Any Pose$1000 Includes Standard Habitat & Base or Limb
Breast Mount$450 Includes Hardwood Panel
Beard, Tail Fan & Wings Mount$350 Includes Hardwood Panel
Tail Fan, Beard & Feet Mount$250 Includes Hardwood Panel
Tail Fan & Beard Mount$200 Includes Hardwood Panel


Large-mouth Bass Skin Mount

Large-mouth Bass Reproduction
$18 Per Inch $300 Minimum, Includes Driftwood

$25 Per Inch $300 Minumum, Includes Driftwood
Skin Mount

Panfish Reproduction
$18 Per Inch $300 Minimum, Includes Driftwood

$25 Per Inch $300 Minimum, Includes Driftwood
Striper/Hybrid Bass Skin Mount

Striper/Hybrid Bass
$20 Per Inch Minimum $500 Will use Reproduction Heads Only

$25 Per Inch $500 Minimum


Whitetail/Mule Deer Antler Mount$150 Includes Panel, Name Plate Is Not Included
Whitetail/Mule Deer European Mount

Due To CWD Transport Laws Reproduction Skulls Will Be Used
$200 Upper Skull Only, Display Extra Fee
Whitetail/Mule Deer Rump$250
Whitetail/Mule Deer Hoof (Priced Per Each)$100 Hardwood Panel Extra Fee
Tanned Wall Hangers$200 Feet Will Be Removed On All Wall Hangers
Black Bear European Mount$300 Skull And Lower Jaw Only, Dislpay Extra Fee
Grizzly/Brown Bear European Mount$350 Skull And Lower Jaw Only, Dislpay Extra Fee
Coyote European Mount$150 Skull And Lower Jaw Only, Dislpay Extra Fee
Bobcat European Mount$150 Skull And Lower Jaw Only, Dislpay Extra Fee
***Antler tine repair is $30 up to the first inch plus $15 for each additional inch there after per tine. Main beam and horn repairs will be quoted per job at the shop rate of $65 per hour***
***All above prices are for closed mouth mounts. For open mouth mounts an additional $300 will be charged, for bugling Elk $350 additional charge. Solid hardwood oak or walnut shoulder panels are available starting at $100, nameplates are an additional $25.  All 1/2 Life-Size and Life-Size mounts include a base. Detachable antlers are an additional $200. Velvet antlers are an additional charge for freeze-drying and quoted per size***
***All European mounts are cleaned naturally with live beetles, degreased and whitened. There is no boiling, power washing, bleaching or macerating(rotting) to discolor or weaken the bone structure.***
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before any work will begin, balance is due at time of completion. No mounts will leave our studio until payment is received in full. All major repairs due to gun shots, scars, skinning errors, dragging etc. will be charged at our shop rate of $65 an hour.

***For prices on African Safaris please call for quotes***

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