Cape and Skull Plate Prep for CWD Transport Laws

Cape and Skull Plate Prep for CWD Transport Laws

As growing concerns of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) spreading and infecting the captive, as well as wild Whitetail and Elk herds of our state continues to gain momentum, the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has taken to drastic measures and adopted an amendment to the already existing CWD transport laws. To learn more on these changes CLICK HERE.

As a service to our clients and future clients we here at Outback Taxidermy felt obligated to do our part in helping to control the spread of this deadly disease. So we created this caping and skull plate removal and cleaning video to help you insure that you can lawfully, ethically as well as safely bring your trophies across the state lines of North Carolina. Remember that CWD affects the brain and spinal cord tissue, so you will want to control these areas as much as possible, this video will help you learn how to do this with the least amount of disturbance to these tissues as well as help you to return home with your trophy of a lifetime.

If you are planning a hunt out of the state of North Carolina and do not feel comfortable preparing your trophies even after watching this video please feel free to contact us here at Outback Taxidermy before you leave for your hunt, we would be more than happy to help you locate a reputable taxidermist in the area you will be visiting to handle this prep work for you as well as provide you with trophy tags with your shipping information if needed. We hope you find this video informative and helpful in you doing your part to protect our natural resources.

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